author’s olive oil from Portugal

LAGRIMA DE OLIVA - the energy of alive nature which has been retained in lagrima with the help of the creative energies of people.

The energy of Portugal the westernmost country of continental Europe

Portugal is an olive oil production country which is situated on the southwestern part on the Iberian peninsula. Here mountains are protecting olive groves from cold winds, olive fruits gets energy and special taste from fertile land, Mediterranean sun and mountain air and freshness of ocean winds.

Ancient traditions and modern technologies

A long line of portuguese family freitas&filhos are engaged in farming in the very center of portugal for more than 200 years, ancient traditions and modern technologies are in perfect harmony with the technological progress, that’s why all traditions of manufacturing of natural olive oil have remainded.

The unique gifts of nature

Lagrima de olive is an author’s olive oil which is produced on the mediterranean farm leopoldino freitas&filhos. It is a vehicle through which the thousand – year energy of the earth, sun and ocean is transported in the human body and filling it with power, health, happiness, beauty and longevity. The energy of every drop of lagrima de oliva – for a healthy and active lifestyle.





Lagrima de Oliva Natural Extra Virgin


The best for salads and desserts, ideal for marinades, fish and meat.


Lagrima de oliva natural extra virgin is the best from olive oil industry. This product utilizes the maximum number of useful substances and vitamins. It has an easy sweet and soft taste with the bright aroma of herbs and fruits.




Lagrima de Oliva Traditional Olive Oil


Lagrima de oliva traditional olive oil. That is what recommends for browning meat, frying fish, vegetables and frying.


Lagrima de oliva traditional olive oil is blend with refined olive oil (80%) and extra virgin olive oil (20%) that has increased use in the preparation of the hot dishes.



It is special for connoisseurs of refined oils, will be perfect with your salad and gives ingredients soft flavors.